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Samy Merchi

Pulsar colors, Watchman I & OMEGA

I've decided that in order to try and keep the interest of the three people who may be reading this (and maybe even attract a fourth person!), I need to post something more often. However, artwork comes when artwork comes, and I'm not in the habit of rushing that part of the equation. However, I've come to realize that art isn't the only thing I can offer. I can also offer information, character writeups without art, or even full-fledged prose fiction stories of the Retcom characters. I can offer things even when art is being slow. That is what I intend to try to do more in the future.

Today, I am bringing you three things.

* The color scheme for Pulsar has been decided and you can find the images behind the link. They're the same images as were there before, now they're just colored. Colors by Donovan Yaciuk.

* The writeup for the Golden Age Watchman has been posted. This was actually one of the very first characters I conceived, and while going through my files a few weeks ago, I realized I had never posted this one. So I cleaned it up, fixed a few things that had come up since his creation, added a bunch of stuff, and here it is now! The GA Watchman is heavily influenced by DC's Doctor Fate, although there are several big differences as well. The Silver Age Watchman will, curiously, hew in an entirely different direction, taking a lot of inspiration from Marvel's Iron Man...but that's a story for another day.

* Last night I pulled my thoughts together on what my universe's governmental operative organization should be. Every universe must have one. Marvel has SHIELD, DC has Task Force X, Image has Ivana Baiul's organization, whatever it was named (I forget), and Retcom has OMEGA. (In all caps, since it's an acronym, but of which, that I'll reveal once I've polished it.) Steranko SHIELD was a heavy inspiration for me, but whereas in SHIELD the organization's leader (Nick Fury) is a man in his prime, fighting fit, and often a main operative in the thick of things, at OMEGA you'll find the director is a crippled woman in a wheelchair with ties to World War II. Limiting the physical abilities of the leader is something that X-Men and Doom Patrol did as well, because that gives a good reason to write the leader out whenever needed - can't be on field missions and so on. This allows for much better spotlighting of the *other* characters in the series as well. Cyclops, Angel, Beast and all were at least as important characters in X-Men as Professor X, while in SHIELD Nick Fury shamelessly hogs the limelight. With OMEGA, I am going for more X-Men style shared limelight, not a one man show like SHIELD. More on OMEGA another day!
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