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Ratman handbook & Pulsar origin

I have just released the Handbook writeup for Ratman I (the Golden Age Ratman). You'll find some influences in there from Daredevil, from Batman, from the Shadow, even some bits from the Spirit and Iron Man. This was actually the first character I ever had designed, and I had a (leaner) writeup stored on my hard drive for over a year, until I recently noticed I hadn't uploaded it. So, I beefed it up a little, uploaded it, and here we go. Golden Age Ratman!

Second, I have received some new pages from Julia Bax, a four-page segment from Giant-Size Spacemen #1 detailing the origin of the character Pulsar and how he ends up in the Spacemen. There are also a couple of panels where Tentai gets recruited. I intentionally wanted some of the recruitment segments to shift from one to another in the middle of a page. Meaning, I didn't want that each segment would always map exactly to the end of a page. This gives a more organic and less formulaic feel; you'll notice the same technique was used in Giant-Size X-Men #1, where, for example, Banshee and Sunfire's recruitment scenes never took up an entire page. Since I'm heavily inspired by that issue, I wanted to mimic that technique here.

I gave pretty specific instructions to Julia about trying to replicate the famous "Kirby Krackle" for Pulsar's power signature, and I'm very happy with how it turned out. According to Julia, it's a lot of work, which I can believe, but like me, she said she was really happy with the results. I think it really does look awesome.

You can find the new 4 pages on Comics/Spacemen, but for your convenience, I'll duplicate them here behind an LJ-cut.

Pulsar 1

Pulsar 2

Pulsar 3

Pulsar 4
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