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Samy Merchi


I spent two days at the biggest (only?) Finnish sci-fi convention this past weekend. Mostly, this does not relate to Retroactive Comics, but one aspect of my visit there does. At the "artist alley" there were dozens upon dozens of big-eyes-small-mouth clones of each other, and I'm sure they draw that stuff very well, but that's simply not the "flavor" I am aiming for with Retcom. That's why my eyes practically glued to a stop when I saw an art style there that *wasn't* the stereotypical manga. What's more, I quite liked her art for more reasons than just not being manga.



What do you think? I'm seeing a little of Alphonse Mucha in the upper picture, maybe a mixture of Chris Bachalo and/or Adam Pollina in the lower one, or even Mark Buckingham. In any case, the style really grabbed me, so I'm interested in trying to work with her some more. I've already shot off an email inquiring whether she's interested in the kind of stuff I want to do. If we click, I think I would really enjoy working with her.

Her handle is "Fushi", but I don't think using nicknames is very professional, so if I end up working with her, I will endeavor to obtain her permission to credit her under her real name, so you drooling fans can find out who this amazing lady is. :)
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