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Ordering the first published Retcom piece

This is the month! If you want to own the first-ever Retroactive Comics appearance on paper, you have to pre-order in your comic store this month. Digital Webbing Presents #29 will be publishing the one-page Liberty Eagle "Hostess Fruit Pie" advertisement.

Since Digital Webbing is an indy, odds are most comic stores will not have a copy of it for you in May unless you pre-order now in March. If you want this comic book, you will have to go to your local comic book shop (or an online shop like DCBS) and ask to pre-order the May-shipping Digital Webbing Presents #29. If the comic shop seems unaware of this title, you may provide them the Diamond order code: MAR06 3171, which will allow them to order the book even if they have no idea what it is. DWP #29 retails for four bucks, but pre-ordering may get you a discount, depending on your store.

Of course, I feel strongly about Google's credo, "Don't be evil." Therefore, if you don't want to spend four bucks on a book just to get one page done by me, here's the entirety of Retroactive Comics content to be found in DWP #29: [link] You can just read it at that link if you prefer to save the four bucks or spend it on something else.

I can guarantee though that there will be entertaining tales in the issue *other* than just my ad, however! One of the best anthology books on the market, I can wholeheartedly recommend giving at least a *try* to Digital Webbing Presents!
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