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Progressive vs traditional

I'm a huge fan of the New Mutants. Through that book, I became a huge fan of Bob McLeod's art. And through being a fan of Bob McLeod's art, I also came to be a fan of his opinions, as I read some interviews of his.

There is a particular statement he makes that I very strongly empathize with, and it's a lighthouse I aim for in my comics. That statement is something I have on my mind nearly every day; whenever I write, I resonate with what the honorable Mr McLeod said:

"When Bill Sienkiewicz took over drawing the New Mutants, a lot of fans hated it. Many fans also loved it, of course, and Bill's a wonderful artist who was trying to break new ground and do comics differently than they had been done before, and he succeeded. There's always a big following for innovative work. [...] I've never had any interest in breaking new ground. I just like to draw the old ground as well as I can."

(Courtesy of an interview at Mile High Comics)

This is exactly how I feel. I am not interested in taking superhero comics to a new level, or "re-inventing" them. What I am interested in, is providing the same experience I had back when I enjoyed reading comics - step back from the "progressive" movement, and do things like they used to be done - and do that way *really well*.

Like Bob, I am well aware that there are people who adore the progressive stance and re-inventing of the comic genre. As he says, "there's always a big following for innovative work". But like him, that is not the route I choose to pursue. I just like to write the old ground as well as I can.

So if there will be criticisms that Retroactive Comics is not really "doing anything new", or we're just "retreading old ground" and "recycling old cliches" -- well, that's rather the point. I fully expect there will be some criticisms like the above. But they will not change the direction of Retroactive Comics. We're not in the business of providing to the demographic who make comments like those. We are in the business of providing to the demographic who indeed *misses* the old ground.

If I'm the only person in that demographic, then low sales will break me. Progressivist criticisms, however, will not.
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